Brett Walker

Relationships, understanding, growth

B. Walker Accounting harnesses a culture of collaboration and responsiveness to help clients, and solve their business problems.

For Brett Walker, there is no job too difficult - in fact, the complex cases that many accountants steer away from are the ones Brett gravitates towards. As a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants and Member of the NTAA and NTIA (both industry bodies), Brett finds himself immersed into the passion of his field.

Brett understands how important it is to his clients to have their problems solved straight away which is why he values efficiency and service in his practice.

As well as offering essential accounting such as Financials and Compliance, Brett Walker specialises in Tax Planning Business Advisory for small to medium level business. Brett loves being his clients go to person for any day-to-day questions business owners have - from insurances and superannuation to staffing and HR issues. 

If you want an accountant who is more like your business partner and sounding board in the success of your business; then you would get on really well. Give Brett a call to have a chat and we can work it out together!

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